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Refer A Pupil


To refer a pupil to the ICSS in your school, please click on the button below and complete the referral form. If you have any queries, please contact our head office or speak to your school’s counsellor.

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Your school counsellor will discuss the referral with the school’s designated Key Contact, and will be kept up to date with the waiting list.

Please see the referral guidance below, to make sure that the person you are referring fits the criteria for counselling.

referral guidance for schools

  •  Counsellors should be advised on any prior safeguarding

  • If parental consent is required, then permissions need to be obtained before counselling can start and the school counsellor should be provided with details

  • If young person hasn’t agreed to attend counselling, then they are not appropriate for the service

  • Other agency involvement details are important as involvement may mean not appropriate for this service


The Independent Counselling Service for schools (ICSS) operates primarily at Step 1 and 2.

Health service guidance states Step 3 and above requires specialist service interventions or a different service delivery context.

 Step 1: Emerging problems – e.g. worries, anxiety, family issues, bullying, friendship issues. If in doubt please talk to the counsellor

Step 2: Early intervention – designed to proactively support YP with issues such as: friendships, bullying, sexuality, bereavement, previous self-harm, family difficulties, low mood. If in doubt please speak to the counsellor

Step 3: Complex mental health issues – PTSD, complex trauma, active self-harm, actively suicidal, diagnosed eating disorder, diagnosed mental health issue, addictions


Also consider:

  •  Ongoing police investigation – it is often not appropriate, to protect client and case.  

  •  Recent bereavement - In most cases bereavement counselling is not recommended immediately following loss (usually allow 6 weeks); please speak to counsellor for advice

  •  When a child/young person is deemed to not be appropriate for school counselling this is to ensure the best and most appropriate support is sought for them.

  •  School counsellors may have the necessary skills and ability to work with complex issues but often school is the not the appropriate context for therapy.

 Please do not hesitate to talk with the counsellor, line manager or Links Counselling Services direct if in any doubt as to a young person’s suitability for this service.

The line manager for your School is Julie Liggett, contact