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23a Castle Lane
Craigavon, Northern Ireland, BT67 9BD
United Kingdom

028 38342825

Other Services for schools

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Programmes and Workshops

We deliver programmes and interactive workshops that look at various issues that children and young people face, i.e. overcoming anxiety, low mood, building resilience and developing good self-esteem and relationships.

We also provide group support and facilitate mediation between young people who are facing challenges like loss, exam stress and relational issues including bullying.


School Staff


The DoE have a slogan “every lesson shapes a life.” From experience we know this to be true, teaching can shape the teacher’s life as well as the pupils. The emotional attachments from working with children and young people can have a profound effect on physical and mental wellbeing of school staff. We want to see the whole school system thrive. We offer 1-to-1 supervision support for principals, senior staff and teachers and well as group supervision.

Group Supervision can be defined as “Communication between two or more staff, intended to enhance performance and effectiveness in carrying out the requirements of their post.” A supervision group is a chance to reflect with others in a confidential space. The purpose of the group is not to tell other people what to do, nor is it group therapy, but can become a really supportive and healthy place for teachers to offload, creating understanding and enhance emotional wellbeing.


Primary School Counselling

At Links we have been providing counselling in local primary schools for children aged 4 upwards for the last 5 years. Using a range of creative therapeutic interventions, our counsellors are trained to help children regulate emotions, overcome challenges and support children through difficult circumstances. For more information, please contact